Sgadan Drum circle

What is a Drum Circle?

A Drum Circle is a group of people assembled to play together drums and every kind of percussion instruments, headed by a facilitator that leads the partecipants to create together rhythmics and sonorities, making easy and immediate for everybody enter the rhythm and the musicality.

What people do?

People play together! It is not necessary to have musical competences. The quality of the sound created by the group depends on its ability to relate, to listen, to communicate. It gives immediately rise to a positive and amusing atmosphere that facilitates the involvement in the experience, the creation of a strong team spirit, the relievement of tensions, the confidence in the group and the possibility of a enriching and stimulating experience. Some instruments will be provided.

This does not exclude the possibility of using your own percussion instrument (djembè, congas, bongos, darbuka, dumbek, bells, etc.), arranging its utilization with the facilitator. This also helps you to improve your skill and your ability on the instrument.